"You drank fire, but when
I asked you to open your
mouth, all I saw was my
reflection in the ocean."
- thisisourunknown (via thisisourunknown)
"When I was six
I wanted to learn
ballet so that I
could be graceful
like all the other
girls. I didn’t see
the beauty in my
reckless ways.
That was the
biggest mistake
I’ve ever made.
I put on my ballet
shoes but they
never felt right
on my feet and
as the other
girls twirled
around the room,
I stood in the
corner, unsure
of what to do.
I didn’t belong
with the silent
and graceful.
I belonged to
the adventurous,
the different
ones with wild
hearts and open
minds like me."
- thisisourunknown (via thisisourunknown)

(via 30king)